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The win coach

will teach you how to:

  • Advance your ideas, values, and priorities by using language that resonates with others

  • Enhance your likeability by becoming more winsome

  • Earn credibility and trust by validating and addressing others’ concerns

  • Effectively avoid conflict by opening hearts and minds

  • Catalyze agreement by building bridges to common ground

  • Boost your brand and reverse damaging misperceptions

  • Elevate your stature and be a role model by becoming more compelling and influential

persuasion training

In addition to training conservatives, Melanie has crafted workshops to address specific issues including boards of education, Israel, civil discourse, and energy.  Her skill-based training is offered in three formats:

  • Interactive group workshops

  • Facilitated retreats

  • Individual coaching sessions

persuasive messaging

Melanie's goal is to help you make every conversation an opportunity to connect to people, drawing your audience closer to your ideas and vision, as if they were their own.


Melanie’s presentations convey persuasion pearls and practical actions, informing and inspiring others to become compelling communicators and influential change agents.

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