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melanie sturm

The Win Coach

Transforming candidates into magnetic leaders and ideas into movements


As a coach in the art of persuasion, Melanie Sturm teaches how to inspire an audience – even skeptics – to follow your lead, not based on what you say, but on what your audience hears you say. 


Our goal is to help you make every conversation an opportunity to connect to people, drawing your audience closer to your ideas and vision, as if they were their own.

persuasion pearls newsletter

Melanie’s newsletter Persuasion Pearls offers thoughtful analysis of current events. Each addition features Melanie’s column – written to demonstrate Melanie’s keys to persuasion – and Insightful Pearls with links to inspire and motivate.

Click here to subscribe to Persuasion Pearls.

“In this time of incivility and disrespect in our public discourse, Melanie Sturm presents an alternative – showing us how real leadership is about persuasion.”

- Jennifer Schubert-Akin, Chairman and CEO Steamboat Institute

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